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Prom Committee hosts Prom Fashion Show

Nathan F., Staff Reporter
April 10, 2012
Filed under Student Life

Fashion and excitement are both big topics about this year’s prom, and the prom fashion show is a good way to see both. The fashion show will be during seventh period on April 19.

The junior girls on the prom committee dress up in prom dresses and flaunt across the stage in front of the student body. Students can go to the fashion show for a small fee to raise money for prom. Junior and senior males are also asked to strut their step across stage as the model only the latest in tuxedo fashion.

“I know that last year, as a junior, I saw the dress that I wanted in the fashion show. This year I also hope to see another that I can wear to prom, and this show is like the highlight of my year” said senior Veronica C. So, head on down to show and get ideas for your ultimate prom experience.