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Newspaper sponsors dating survey again this year

Nathan F., Staff Reporter
February 1, 2012
Filed under Student Life

Thanks to such a great turnout on last year’s dating surveys the newspaper staff has decided to do them again this year. The surveys were taken in all English classes last semester, and the participants will be reunited with their surveys and results on February 9th through the 14th. The surveys will come back with results for your top ten matches in your grade, your top ten matches in the entire school, and your top results for best friends. For the possibility to learn of your one true love and receive dating survey results, all you have to pay is one dollar for either your results out of the whole school or out of just your grade. Or you can pay two dollars for both of your result sheets.

“For those of you who are thinking that you are just not going to buy your results, well think again. Last year I too thought ‘This is just a waste of money,’ but now after dating my girlfriend for almost ten months I would have to disagree. This survey put Gladys and I as the top matches for each other, and like my favorite song says… ‘Look at me now.’” noted senior Brian Fantana.