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Teachers without classrooms float from one room to the next

Katie S., Staff Reporter
September 30, 2011
Filed under Student Life

As the new school year begins, we start to see many changes going on in the school. We have a new cafeteria and a new wing being built onto the school. There are many new students and new teachers.

New teacher, Mrs. Meghan Patterson teaches physical science and freshman forum. Mrs. Patterson is also the co-sponsor of Juniorettes and will be helping with Miss PHS. “Pelham is unlike any school I have been at. I love that even though this is a big school, it is still like one big family. All of the administrators, faculty staff, and students show great pride in Pelham. This makes working here that much more wonderful,” said Mrs. Patterson.

                Some of the teachers are used to the block schedules instead of the 8 period days. One of these new teachers is Mr. Devin Murray is the new freshmen biology teacher.

Mr. Murray taught at Talladega County, Shelby County High School, and has subbed at Pelham in 2008. Mr. Murray is a freshman Biology teacher and coaches the boy’s tennis team. Mr. Murray’s goals this year are to achieve higher levels of participation and learning in everything that he does with his classes.

                Many of the new teachers are in the same boat as the freshman with not knowing exactly where everything is, because they are also new to the Pelham High School environment.

Mrs. Hickman is the French teacher, and the French Honor Society sponsor. Mrs. Hickman said, “I really like Pelham because everyone has been very helpful to me as a new teacher. I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed as I thought I would, because I have a great teacher support system.” Along with being a new teacher she wasn’t used to the 8 period day, because she interned at a school with block schedule but she feels that it is easier to maintain students attention and it makes the day move faster. “My goal for all my classes this year is I want my students to develop a passion for the French language and culture” said Mrs. Hickman.

                The Assistant Band Director, Mr. Justin Ward is a new teacher here at Pelham but not new to the teaching environment. He has taught in Aynor, South Carolina and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. “So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Pelham High School. The students are hard working and are open to new and innovative ideas that make teaching consequently teaching more fun,” said Mr. Ward. Mr. Ward said, “My goals for the Pelham High School program is to efficiently and effectively excel on all levels and in all musical and nonmusical endeavors. One of the hidden curriculums of education is for students to learn that there is no substitute for excellence and absolutely no excuse for accepting mediocrity. The Band program should achieve this on the football field, concert hall, and in all other areas of our program.”

                With all the construction and modifications of Pelham High School and the large number of students, this year will be a great year like every other year with our faculty and staff of Pelham High School old and new.