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PHS starts rugby team

Steven P., Staff Reporter
March 8, 2012
Filed under Sports

There is new upcoming sport at Pelham High School known as rugby.  The idea came from Conner W.  He likes to do different things, and he loved watching Rugby growing up. Right now it is more like a club or an idea. There are practice every Saturday at noon at the practice fields by the softball field.

Some of the members are Jack Powell, Conner Wilkins, and Darnell Hudson and so on. Right now they only have a rugby7 they are trying to play for the summer.

“I would love to have more guys come out and play so by next year we can have a Rugby12 team,” Captain, Connor  W. says.

Rugby is basically a combination of football and soccer. One has to be able to pass, tackle catch, and run. A rugby ball looks like a football but a little bigger and no laces. It is broken down into none stop quarters like soccer.

“Personally I think that the sport is so awesome, because it is like a fast football,” Says, Junior, Darnell Hudson. 

There are no uniforms and no jerseys. It is simple to have fun so come out and play. Hopefully as Pelham gets into rugby, other schools will like the idea and come up with their own teams. If more information is needed or wanted please contact Connor W