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Soccer season kicks off

Katie B., Staff Reporter
March 2, 2012
Filed under Sports

The soccer season has finally kicked off. The boys and girls varsity teams have started the season off with a bang.

The girls varsity team started to prepare for the season in January.

“We practice every day. At the beginning of the year we have a jamboree, which is two thirty-five minute games. It shows our coach who is strong in what position, what plays work well, and where we are as a team,” said junior Selina D.

“We have conditioning but the most important thing we did was get to know each other’s personalities and positions. What helps us most during games is knowing we can rely on each other,” said junior Allie W.

The girls are playing several talented teams including Hoover and Thompson.

“We really just want to beat Hoover. We played them last week and we tied but then went into penalty kicks and they won. But we’re also really looking forward to playing Thompson. Hoover is out biggest competition though,” said junior Selina D.

“We want to beat Thompson. Last year we played them and a lot of our players were injured so we really have something to prove to them and ourselves. I’m looking forward to playing Hoover and Thompson the most because the harder the competition the better we perform as a team,” said junior Allie W.

The girl’s varsity team tied with Homewood and defeated Centerpoint 10-0. A close game against Hoover resulted in a loss (two overtimes before Hoover won in penalty kicks).

“The season has gone very well so far,” said junior Allie W. “We just need to learn how to cover each other’s weaknesses.”

The boys varsity soccer team has also started strong.

“We have conditioning and then we practice every day for at least 2 hours. We also had a jamboree that let us see who needs to be in what position, who is strong where, and what we need to work on before the season opened,” said junior Moises R.

The team has high goals this year, including “beating Thompson to a pulp” and going to state. They also play really hard teams including Oak Mountain, Thompson, and Hoover.

“We’re really looking forward to playing Oak Mountain because of the academy region 3 players,” said junior Moises R. “The season has been really good so far. We are learning how to play as a team. We need to work on finishing the second half of the game as strong as the first half of the game,” said junior Moises R.

This week, the girls team will be playing Bessemer and Thompson. The boys team will be going up against Bessemer City, Montgomery Catholic, and Thompson.

“COME TO THE THOMPSON GAME! Last year there were more Thompson fans at our HOME game than Pelham fans… come on now people,” said junior Allie W.

“Come to our freaking games! You won’t be disappointed! GO HAM!” said junior Moises R.

Congratulations to the girls varsity team at the Lakeshore Tournament this weekend, and for the boys varsity’s defeat over Hoover.