Wrestlers prepare for tournaments

Katie S., Staff Reporter

The wrestling season has started and has been in season since October 31 when their first practice occurred. The Pelham High school wrestling team has had many matches already and are preparing for a tournament this weekend, the Panther Classic on December 9th and 10th.

The tournament will start at 5:00 in the gym here at Pelham. This past weekend the wrestling team traveled to Phoenix City for the Red Devil Classic. Junior Cody W. pinned all 4 of his opponents in his weight class. M

any of the wrestlers have certain ways to prepare themselves for a match and to be successful. Cody W. said, “I get into my zone by listening to music and mentally preparing myself for the match.” He also said, “I have a few inspirational words I think of before a match but the one that sticks out the most is that you have to pin it to win it, a saying one of the parents told me.”

Senior Tre M. also participated in the match and won most of his matches. Tre said, “I pray, listen to music, and shadow wrestle before I compete.”

The wrestlers have different opponents every match and from different schools. When the wrestlers pin their opponents that automatically means they win the match. Tre M. said, “When I win I keep my composure out of respect for the other guy, it shows good sportsmanship and is a great way to represent my team.”

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