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Students need to consider PHS’ cleanliness

Lillie C., Staff Reporter
March 2, 2012
Filed under Opinion

Pelham High School has a problem. In the three and a half years that I have been a student at Pelham, I rarely see a clean restroom or hallway. Placing the blame on the school is not my intention, but there is a serious need for improvement.

 The students of Pelham High School need to evaluate their own restroom habits to help improve the conditions that everyone must deal with on a daily basis. There is always an excess of tissue and trash on the floors and graffiti on the walls, and frankly, that is just disrespectful. There are waste baskets on the floor for the trash and paper in students’ binders for the doodling. Walls and floors of Pelham High School are not the place to clean out your pockets or express your artistic abilities. 

The cleanliness of our halls is also lacking. Every morning, the custodial staff sweeps the halls, and for what? So students can just throw their junk in the halls? I don’t think so. Pelham does a great job of making sure waste baskets are placed throughout the school to help alleviate the trash problem. But what I see are my peers being blatantly insolent. Students at Pelham High are very fortunate to have a school to attend, and to have a staff that continuously cleans up after them. Just imagine if the custodial staff quit cleaning for a week. The trash and filth would be out of control. Every staff member is doing their best to keep Pelham High clean, and so should Pelham’s students. 

The fact that Pelham is not as new as Hoover or Vestavia Hills does not give people the right to destroy what we do have. Pelham is a great school with brilliant students and excellent staff, so how about we respect it?