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Self-Help books breed laziness

Hayley H., Staff Reporter
March 2, 2012
Filed under Opinion

Lately I have been wondering if people must be told how to do everything. It seems that every time I turn around there is a book explaining steps on doing the simplest things. It used to be that people used trial and error, or were told by previous generations how to do things. Now, in this fast paced time, it is quicker to read a short book explaining how to buy a perfect Christmas gift than actually try to figure it out the old-fashioned way.

I have seen how-to books for absolutely everything. There’s everything from how-to read faster to how-to pray. Since when did people need to be told how to pray? There’s something seriously wrong when someone must be taught how to express their beliefs. There are also an enormous amount of books depicting how other countries and cultures do things, especially the French. One of the reasons, in my opinion, that many people envy the French is that they don’t worry about how to do anything; they just learn as they go. Perhaps America could take a page out of their book and take a deep breath once in a while.

In the past, people learned traditions from their parents and grandparents not from books or the Internet. Old fashioned values have given way to the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern person. Now, I consider myself a very modern person, but some things should be kept the old fashioned way. What ever happened to calling mom for advice? Now everyone turns to the Internet or a stranger. And what ever happened to figuring things out for yourself? Apparently not many people still want to attempt that challenge.

This trend is even occuring in high school. Teens just aren’t willing to put forth effort anymore. AP classes are supposed to be difficult, yet students still look for shortcuts. Work is work. Sometimes there is no easy way to do something and sometimes, hard work and trial and error are the only things that cut it. For many kids that I know now, college will be a rude awakening. Kids that are used to googling the answers and relying on their best friend will be put through a trial by fire.

Now, I have a hectic life and understand why some people want or need a quicker way to do something. But this way of life where everything can be done in a click of a button only makes for a lazier population.