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Fahrenheit 451 similar to today’s society

Grant B., Staff Reporter
March 2, 2012
Filed under Opinion

In some of the freshman English classes, students are reading Ray Bradbury’s classic Fahrenheit 451. This book shows a future where books are illegal, and no one thinks independently.

While reading this book, mind you written in 1953, I saw many things from the society in the book are similar to our society today. They have situations where no one seems to care about other people, knowledge or anything else besides technology. Most of the characters in this book are eerily comparable to today’s society.

Today you cannot go outside without seeing someone on some sort of electronic device. We have become too reliant on the vices and assistances of technology. In a poll taken by, the average American male child spends ten hours a week on a video game system. With 240 hours in a week, discounting about thirty five hours a week on school, about eighty on sleeping, about sixteen for meals outside of school, these kids are spending about a tenth of their time on video games.

In a study taken on 8-18 year olds by the New York Times in 2010, kids spend seven and a half hours a day on electronics. I like technology, but I do not center my life on it. I don’t have a Facebook account, or Twitter or any of the sorts. Today if someone wants to plan a group event, party or something of that sort, they just post on their wall on Facebook instead of calling them or meeting with them in person. I say that if you want to talk to someone, call them; don’t post on their wall. Get up, and get outside for a change instead of becoming hermits at the computer or TV.