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Pep rallies are to show school spirit

Shelby H., Staff Reporter
September 30, 2011
Filed under Opinion

Construction is a major necessity for Pelham, but it also causes a few minor problems. Because of the construction, it is a safety hazard for the whole school to be in the gym for pep rallies and the hallways are extremely overcrowded.

 Because sports teams, clubs, and middle school games are held on Thursdays, we cannot use the field for pep rallies. Also, the band practices on the field right before the middle school football game begins.

 This year, pep rallies will be held around six o’clock on Thursday nights in the junior lot, and students will be allowed to use the back of the auditorium as a hallway. Everyone is still unsure of where all the students, the football team or the band will sit, or where the dance team, majorettes or cheerleaders will perform for the pep rallies.   
 Although many students have complained about the alternative way that the pep rallies will be done this year, I am very glad that the school teachers and administrators did their very best to find another way. Think about it, at least we have pep rallies.
 But, on the other hand, a pep rally just isn’t the same in a parking lot, on a Thursday night.

 The purpose of the pep rallies is to show school spirit. School spirit can be shown anywhere; for spirit comes within a group of people, not from the location. But, the closeness of the gym setting added to the moral. Like I said before, a pep rally is a pep rally. The students of PHS should have school spirit no matter what! It’s a great day to be a panther!