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Censorship: have we gone too far?

Lillie C., Staff Reporter
September 30, 2011
Filed under Opinion

Censorship in the United States has gone too far. The government is too concerned with holding their citizens’ hands rather than doing their job. On every episode of Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club, and numerous others, every other word is bleeped out. This is ridiculous. If people want to make themselves look uneducated, then by all means, let them!
     The FCC has taken over the airwaves. If the language or content of a show is too mature for you, or your family, then don’t watch it. Do not force the government to do your job for you!
     This insane amount of censorship has reached far beyond the airwaves of television and radio; it has infiltrated the schools as well. Text books evade publishing pertinent information for the sake of the innocent minds. Did anyone know that Benjamin Franklin was a raging alcoholic? No, because that topic is too mature to be taught in high school.
     Many topics are not up for discussion because a child might be offended. But isn’t that the heart of broadening minds and building a mature foundation for the youth? If people would talk about the issues, they would quit being so offensive, and more mainstream. And with issues becoming more mainstream, people would be more apt to speak out against injustices and make a difference.
     I am sick and tired of the passive-aggressive attitude towards big issues, like bullying and suicide. These issues are causing problems, and people aren’t doing anything about it! They sit and hear the stories about bullies, and think, “That would never be me! I would do something!” But, in reality, they are the bystanders that people so desperately want to reach out to for help.
     How can anyone so naively believe that if we quit talking about things, that they will just go away? Having open lines of communication between parents, schools, teachers, and students makes for a smarter, more aware adult in the future.