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PHS welcomes new administrative assistant

Selena D., Staff Reporter
March 7, 2012
Filed under News

Pelham High School recently welcomed Mr. Vincent as the new administrative assistant. Mr. Vincent, also known as Coach Vincent to many students, is a former gym teacher and basketball coach from the Riverchase Middle School.  Mr. Vincent taught for three and a half years at the middle school and said that he will miss the teachers there and is glad that he will be able to see so many familiar faces.

Coach Vincent commented, “I like being around kids that I’ve taught before.”

So far, the transition from Riverchase Middle to Pelham High School has been smooth.

“And I have great people helping me out,” Coach Vincent added. Fortunately, he has not gotten lost yet and hopes to become the first person to know everyone on the faculty.

Before arriving here at the high school, Coach Vincent was one of the top ten basketball players in the country where he played for Mississippi State and later played basketball in Europe. Mr. Vincent also met his wife of five years at Mississippi State and is expecting a child in late May.

Mr. Vincent recently finished getting his degree in Leadership Education. At the moment Mr. Vincent’s role as an administrative assistant is to act as an understudy to the administrators. Mr. Vincent will learn their roles and some of their responsibilities, and he hopes to eventually move up and become a principal. At present Mr. Vincent does not have his own office and has moved in with Coach Kiel.

Overall, Coach Vincent commented, “I like it here. Great school, great kids.”