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PHS teacher selected as county teacher of the year

Jasmine L.
December 5, 2011
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                Pelham High School history teacher, Coach Jeff Schrupp recently named Shelby County’s Teacher of the Year. Coach Schrupp has been teaching for 13 years, two years in which he was an assistant principal. He is the history department chair and currently teaches 11th grade Advancement Placement U.S. History and freshmen world history. He is now eligible to become the National Teacher of the Year.

                Coach Schrupp accounts that going back into teaching after being assistant principal for two years was one of his greatest accomplishments.

                “I have nothing against administration and commend those who work tirelessly to carry out the its demanding requirements. Nonetheless, after performing administrative duties for two years, I realized my life’s passion is to teach,” said Coach Schrupp.

                “I like how Coach Schrupp teaches real history-not just the history in the books. He treats us like adults and he is preparing us for college,” said Hayley H., a student in his AP US History class.

                Last year was his first year to teach AP US History alongside Honors World History. His AP US History class had a 80% passage rate with 4 students scoring a 5. It was also the highest in Shelby County and beat the national and international average.

                Hannah G., a former AP student said, “I really enjoyed taking APUSH. Yes, it was hard and a lot of work, but I learned so many valuable lessons and skills that will lead me to success in college. He is a very intelligent and passionate about history- it’s hard not to pay attention in his class!”

                Coach Schrupp is also in charge of “College 101”, a beneficial program for college bound seniors. Seniors get the chance to learn tips before going into college and they also get to ask any questions they might have about college life in general.

                “I am so glad that Coach Schrupp created a College 101 class. It is going to help me a lot before I go to college, so I don’t make stupid mistakes. It will reassure me before I make a monumental step in my life,” said senior Elizabeth H.

                He is now eligible to receive the National Teacher of the Year award.