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Every Panther: Nathan’s Leap Day Birthday

Taylor P., Staff Reporter
March 8, 2012
Filed under Features

February twenty-ninth only comes around every four years these years are known as Leap Year. At Pelham High School there is a student who is technically only four years old, they were born on February 29, 1996. Nathan finds this very amusing, that he can get his drivers licenses at age four. 

“All my friends think it is funny, and they all want to celebrate my fourth birthday Wednesday the twenty-ninth,” says Nathan.

Since this year there is a in February, 29 Nathan will celebrate it then. When it is not leap year he celebrates his birthday on the February,28.  The legal day to celebrate his birthday when it is not leap year is March first. This year Nathan will be 16 years old. He is very excited that a big day such as getting his license on his real birthday.

“I do not like to celebrate my birthday on the legal date because I was born in February not March,” says, Nathan.

Nathan loves his birthday; he loves the uniqueness about the day. He enjoys being a little different than the average Joe.  Most people just look at leap year as a year with an extra day, but to Nathan it is a very special day.

“I love my birthday, I would not change it for the world,” Says, Nathan.