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Favorite movies watched by many

Mallory A., Staff Reporter
December 13, 2011
Filed under Features

Every year around Christmas TV stations play movies leading up to the day of Christmas. Below are a list of some of the more popular Christmas movies that play during that time.


The Polar Express: On Christmas Eve a boy gets on a train only then to discover that it’s a train full of kids going to the North Pole to see Santa. The boy doesn’t believe in Santa so Santa doesn’t have enough believers to give him power to fly to all the kids’ houses. The boy has to learn to believe in Santa in order to make all the kids happy on Christmas morning.

The Santa Clause: A man and his son hear a noise on their roof on Christmas Eve so they go outside to check it out. They discover that Santa is dead on the roof so the little boy tells his dad to fix it. The dad takes the suit and flies the sleigh around to the kids houses and then leaves it somewhere for someone else to find. The next year he starts to grow a beard and get fatter around Christmas time and realizes that he has to be Santa every year because he killed the real Santa.

A Christmas Carol: On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is taken on a journey through the past, present, and future. Scrooge doesn’t like Christmas at all so people come to take him through time to see how his bitterness towards Christmas affects everyone around him. He learns that he should be nicer towards the people around him and comes to love Christmas.

Home Alone: An eight year old boy is left home alone when his family flies to France for Christmas. He has a run in with burglars and sets up a bunch of traps to stop them.

Elf: Elf is about a little baby boy who is adopted by one of Santa’s elf’s and doesn’t think he is different until he gets older and is informed that he was adopted. He goes on a journey through the candy cane forest to look for his real dad. Once he finds him, he learns his dad’s family doesn’t like to take part in the Christmas holiday. He starts to bring Christmas into their home to help them believe in Santa and Christmas cheer.